Reconstruction and Uro-oncology 2017 @ UZ Gent: Update symposium

vrijdag, 22 december, 2017 - 14:00 tot 19:30

Reconstruction and Uro-oncology 2017 @ UZ Gent: Update symposium - 22 december 2017

Venue: Bibliotheek De Krook (Zaal “Blauwe Vogel”) Miriam Makebaplein 1
9000 Gent

Session 1: Reconstruction UZ Gent anno 2017 (CHAIR: A.F. Spinoit, F. Poelaert)

14.00-14.10: lingual mucosa graft harvesting, how to do?: semi live surgery (N. Lumen)

14.10-14.20: genital reconstruction of adrenogenital syndrome: semi live surgery (M. Waterloos)

14.20-14.35: sexual function and urethral surgery (M.Beysens)

14.35-14.50: glans resurfacing in penile cancer: semi live surgery (A. Ploumidis)

14.50-15.00:  robot-assisted kidney autotransplantation for complex ureteral strictures: semi live surgery (K. Decaestecker)

15.00-15.15: coffee break

Session 2: Oncology UZ Gent anno 2017 (CHAIR: N. Lumen, Charles Van Praet)

15.15-15.25: local complications and cytoreductive treatment in metastatic prostate cancer (S. Buelens)

15.25-15.35: metastatic prostate cancer, prognosis beyond clinical trials (E. De Bleser)

15.35-15.45: Robot-assisted radical cystectomy with intracorporeal diversion (K. Decaestecker)

15.45-15.55: First results of the STOMP trial (Piet Ost)

15.55-16.05: Clinical trials @ UZ Gent, present and future (S. Rottey)

16.05-16.15: Questions and discussion

16.15-17.00: networking tea-time

Target Audience: Urologists, Radiation and Medical Oncologists, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Radiologists, Pathologists General Practitioners, Residents

Accreditation has been requested

Public defense doctoral thesis “evaluation of novel treatments in prostate cancer”

Venue: Bibliotheek De Krook (Zaal “Blauwe Vogel”) Miriam Makebaplein 1
9000 Gent

Time: 17.00

Target audience: public access

Doctorandus: Charles Van Praet

Promotoren: Prof. Dr. N. Lumen, Prof. Dr. S. Rottey

Doctoral Guidance Committee: Prof. Dr. P. Hoebeke, Prof. Dr. V. Fonteyne

Examination board: Prof. Dr. W. Oosterlinck, Prof. Dr. D. Waltregny, Prof. Dr. M. Van Eijckeren, Prof. Dr. B. Brans, Dr. A. Ploumidis, Dr. L. Lapeire



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